The full new trailer for Disney and Pixar’s upcoming Soul is now online, and can be checked out in the player above. The film will be the first Pixar feature released directed by Pete Docter since becoming the studio’s Chief Creative Officer last year. Attempting to explore metaphysics, the story revolves around middle school music teacher Joe Gardner. Just as he is about to realize his dream of playing jazz at a famed club, he gets into an accident that finds his soul taken out of his body. In an effort to get back to life, he tries to enlist the aid of 22, a soul who hasn’t entered a newborn body due to being disillusioned about life.

Soul features the voice talents of Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey as Joe Gardner and 22 respectively. Also in the cast include Phylicia Rashad as Joe’s mother Libba, Questlove as a drummer at the the jazz club The Half Note Club, and Daveed Diggs as Joe’s nosy neighbor Paul. The film is currently scheduled to be released June 19.