Simba’s roar is mighty indeed. The Lion King officially became Disney’s biggest remake ever this weekend, Box Office Mojo is reporting. With a total of $510 million, it surpassed the $504 million Beauty and the Beast made back in 2017. Making things still better is that The Lion King was able to stay in the top five after six weeks of release, making it one of the leggier blockbusters of the year so far.

It’s worth noting that both Beauty and King are among only 14 films to have beaten the $500 million mark stateside, placing them in the same company as mega-hits like The Dark KnightKing came out not even two months after Aladdin, which has also been a huge success with more than $350 million in the magic lamp to date. Even Dumbo, which got a mixed response from reviewers and filmgoers, still managed to fly past $100 million last spring.

The bottom line is, these remakes make huge money. Some critics may lament over The Mouse House going back to their vault in order to make what they accuse of being easy cash, but audiences respond in such a positive matter that it’s hard to blame them for doing so. And who’s to say Disney isn’t leaving money on the table by releasing their upcoming Lady & the Tramp revamp on streaming only instead of giving it a theatrical run?

Elsewhere at the box office, the news didn’t get much better for The Angry Birds Movie 2, which continued to underperform. It has a current total of $27 million. Dora and the Lost City of Gold, meanwhile, fell to ninth place, with a tally of $43 million to date after three weekends at the box office.

Final figures are due tomorrow.