Some of you might remember that the viral-marketing campaign for the PG-13-rated animated adventure film 9 included an official Facebook page for the film’s mysterious Scientist. Those who saw the film will know that his character split his soul up into nine different pieces in order to bring the movie’s post-apocalptic ragdoll heroes to life. That page predictably went quiet shortly after the film’s September 2009 release, until today when this mysterious message was posted:

The light has faintly flickered on again beneath the ashes and I have begun the long awaited search for hope… I must find 9

Posted by 9 Scientist on Friday, January 20, 2017

This could mean any number of things, of course, but it does at least seem to tease some form of a follow-up (and also implies that the Scientist–who appeared to die in the movie–is actually alive). Whether this would mean an actual sequel or a comic book remains to be seen (the message could just be a resurrection of the Facebook page and nothing more), but we’ll keep you posted if any news is dropped in the near future.