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We’re continuing with our Mice & Rats podcast series with rag-to-riches story, Disney’s 1950 classic Cinderella!


• Nerdy Couch Discussion: Why are Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora seen as “weak” characters?

• Main Discussion: Cinderella (1950)

• Great example of human character animation.

• Epic Morgan rant on the horrible HD restoration.

• Cinderella was never poor. Poor is a state of mind.

• Introducing the mice, who really sidetrack the movie.

• Lucifer and Clean Flicks.

• The King and the Grand Duke are amazing. Wish we had more time.

• Wait, the King wants the ball to happen…TONIGHT?!

• You know your dress is bad if the mice think it looks old.

• The Mary Blair influence really starts coming to life during the ball.

• Gotta love the King and Duke’s interactions.

• Love Cinderella because she’s never bitter, angry or entitled, just grateful.

• Voicemail

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