A columnist for The Motley Fool believes that the partnership Google and DreamWorks Animation recently sealed doesn’t go far enough, and they the search engine should outright buy the movie studio. “Google doesn’t just want to own YouTube for others to program… Google has invested directly in popular channels like Machinima and Vevo. It’s done the recent partnership with DreamWorks Animation… Owning DreamWorks Animation would allow Google to enter content production and ownership in a big way… And the catalytic effect on YouTube could be enormous. Imagine DreamWorks Animation bringing its magic to the clip channel before any other platform. What if The Croods 3 or Shrek 5 were to premiere first on YouTube before it hit theaters, not for free, but for a price (novel as that is)? Google says it’s all about experimentation and entrepreneurship — that would be one heck of an experiment”.