With a #1 album and Academy voters mulling a potential Best Song Oscar, Disney is putting the music of Frozen at the front of their latest publicity campaign for Frozen, a film still going remarkably strong in its third month since release. The studio has announced that a special sing-along version of the movie will be released to more than 1000 theaters nationwide beginning Jan. 31, 2014. “Frozen fans have embraced the film’s original songs and its soundtrack with such passion — there are countless YouTube videos from people singing songs like Let It Go — we decided to create a version that would celebrate that enthusiasm,” said Dave Hollis, executive vice president, theatrical distribution, The Walt Disney Studios. “It’s a great opportunity for families to get together and have some fun with these songs.”

And on the web, after receiving over 50 million hits by posting the full video clip from the movie of the Oscar nominated song Let It Go last month, this month Disney has again released the full segment but this time switching between some of the 25 languages the film has been translated into. You can watch both versions here:

Let It Go Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel

Let It Go Multi-Language Full Sequence