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Disney Legend, Glen Keane, takes a moment out of his very busy schedule to talk to Mason and Chelsea about his new short, Duet! Check it out! You won’t be disappointed!


• Intro of Glen Keane and his short interactive film Duet

• What?! Glen listens to The Rotoscopers?


• Glen talks about Duet and it’s inspirations

• Why graphite?

• Listener questions

• Thomas Van Acker: What do you think is the most important aspect of animation that should be taught by teachers? Or what did you miss in your animation classes?

• Bridget Monica: What story (that hasn’t been done!) would you love to see transformed into a full length animated film?

• Jessica Wersky: What role does faith play in your creative life?

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• Blooper! Can we get Glen back?

• Glen was SOOO kind and went on to the Facebook fan page and replied to many of the the questions personally! Check it out HERE!