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The Rotoscopers review Disney’s newest animated feature, the superhero film that everyone loves: Big Hero 6.


• Main Discussion: Big Hero 6 (2014)

• Impressions from our screenings and Morgan’s experience from the Big Hero 6 premiere.

• Thoughts about the backgrounds and city of San Fransokyo.

• Technical mumbo with Mason! Disney’s Hyperion image engine.

• First weekend box office numbers!

• Thoughts about Tadashi and act 1. Problems with telling and not showing.

• Who we thought the villain was at the beginning.

• Let’s talk about the Big Hero 6 gang. We need more of them!

• Baymax was adorable. Much more lovable than Olaf. Great sidekick character who morphed into a main character.

• Where were Hiro’s powers?

• How do we feel about the villain?

• The final battle was very “final battle”!

• We rate it!

Listener Twitter Question: What was your favorite moment from Big Hero 6?

• Voicemail

• Mail bag

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