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For the next film in The Rotoscopers’ ‘Mice & Rats’ series, they cover Don Bluth’s 1986 mouse film An American Tail.


• More stories from Chelsea!

• Main Discussion: An American Tail (1986)

• A little history of the film and how Fievel got his name.

• Who’s who in a Don Bluth production.

• Talk of the figurative and literal meaning of “cats”.

• How we feel of Fievel as a main character.

• Classic Don Bluth scariness in the ocean.

• Welcome to NYC! Fievel wandering and meeting a lot of different people.

• Lots of accents happening here (plus a speech impediment).

• The cats going to Hong Kong is depicting how cats really ended up in that city.

• When will we get the Rotoscopers band together?

• The Don Bluth dazzle is strong with this one.

• Mail bag

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