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The Rotoscopers discuss the first film in their ‘Mice & Rats’ podcast series, Disney’s 1986 The Great Mouse Detective.


• Nerdy Couch Discussion: Mice in animation

• Main Discussion: The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

• First thoughts and memories. 1992 VHS release.

• The whole film takes place in one night. Perhaps a time vortex is at work?

• Why doesn’t that flower ballerina toy exist in real life?

• There’s way too much pink in Rattigan’s hideout.

• Is the sexy singing bar mouse really ok?

• The first ever semi-use of CGI in a Disney animated film. The clock’s cogs are in CGI, then traced onto paper.

• Rattigan reveals his real form.

• We rate it!

• Voicemail & Mail bag

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