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The Rotoscopers head back to medieval times to discover King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and a really bizarre movie: Quest for Camelot.


• Main Discussion: Quest for Camelot (1998)

• Morgan has faint memories of seeing this with Chelsea, but… remembers nothing of the film.

• The movie poster turned Morgan off.

• This is an example of what happens when oblivious executives meddle in a film.

• The music suffers. What is it trying to be? Serious? Comical? A musical?

• Gandondorf aka Ruber: “Now all of Hyrule knows you are here.”

• Garett: He has a bird companion who is not evil!

• The conjoined twin dragons are the worst part of this film. Why the goofy, obnoxious song?

• Why do animated films feel the need to dumb it down?

• What we (and our Twitter followers) would have done to make this movie better.

• Voicemail & emails