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The Rotoscopers review Studio Ghibli’s epic film Princess Mononoke with special guest host, Rotowriter Mayra Amaya.


• Main Discussion: Princess Mononoke

• First thoughts and recollections about this movie; reactions to the violence!

• Interesting insights from Miyazaki about the the film from his biographies.

• Disney drama with the release and censoring the film.

• The most impactful moment in the film: San with the blood.

• Miyazaki is a master of composition; the forest-spirit scene.

• This is the second longest animated film ever and it feels like it.

• Major themes in the film: curses, humans vs. nature, hatred.

• The ending is a bit rushed and hard to swallow.

• We rate it!

• Voicemails: Jemma, Dylan, Frank, Eric, Hank Hill, Yuri

• Mail bag: Jemma, Susanne, Chris

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