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Morgan, Mason and Chelsea have a rotospective at Ralph Bakshi’s 1978 The Lord of the Rings.


• Nerdy Couch Discussion: Disney Horses!

• Why are horses so sassy? Which are our favorites?

• Non-canonical horses from Enchanted Stables.

• Main Discussion: Lord of the Rings (1978).

• A little backstory and bio of Ralph Bakshi.

• Ralph Bakshi and Don Bluth are some of the only animation directors whose films are seen as their films, instead of the studios.

• Bakshi’s own thoughts on the film.

• Character design and extreme use of rotoscoping. What is the true definition of rotoscoping?

• It’s hard to talk about this film without referencing Peter Jackson’s The Lord of The Rings *cue music*.

• How to tell someone in the Living Scriptures animated videos are evil…the schnoz!

• Is one of the ringwraiths wearing a cowboy hat?!

• It starts losing steam after Moria. The Two Towers sequence is muddy and doesn’t hold our attention.

• “The orcs are vanquished. Saruman is defeated and we saved Middle Early! Roll credits.”

• Would you want to see Bakshi finish and do The Return of the King?

• We rate it!

• Mail bag and bloopers!

• Use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #SoManyMiniskirts.

• Coming Up: Dog movies! Balto, Up, All Dog’s Go To Heaven