It is hard to replicate old processes and when Disney Animation was working on the new “Get a Horse” short they had to replicate animation techniques from 1928! With digital technology nearly anything in animation is possible, but to capture the feeling of an old short Lauren MacMullen, the director, and her team had to research the ways Walt did things back in the good old days. Jim Hill interviewed MacMullen about what she discovered, including the old animation process was rushed so the new short purposely kept in some drawing errors as well as to why old cartoons flickered: “…back in 1928 — the current flowing through Southern California’s power grid wasn’t really all that steady. So when these animation cells were placed under electrical lights in front of a camera so that each individual frame could then be shot … Well, because the current wasn’t steady, the light levels between individual frames would then go up & down.” Check out the interview for how they used the same foley techniques and the short’s surprise ending.