tsotPixar’s Toy Story of Terror premieres tonight on ABC. The New York Times review says, “Once the annual avalanche of Halloween-themed episodes, specials and movies overtakes TV, you probably don’t expect to be using the word ‘charming’ very often. But charming perfectly describes… Toy Story of Terror.”

The Wall Street Journal went behind the scenes of the show: [Director Angus] MacLane asked Andrew Stanton, who co-wrote all three Toy Story films, to help develop the 40-page script. Mr. Stanton says that as a “Toy Story aficionado”, he helped mold the story into four acts, rather than Pixar’s usual three, to take into account TV commercial breaks. “Nobody at Pixar knows anything about television,’ said Galyn Susman, the film’s producer, ‘so the storytelling perspective had to be completely different.”

You can watch the commercial here: