It appears Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit are indeed teaming up, at least for a development proposal. On Sunday, Who Censored Roger Rabbit? author Gary K. Wolf, under pen name “Walter Windchill”, reported on his website that the animated characters would team for a reimagining of the 1952 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis movie The Stooge. However, news sites began to notice that Windchill’s reports are often satirical, thus believing the Stooge story to be false.

But Wolf has confirmed to Ain’t It Cool News that The Stooge is a real development proposal for Disney. Written by Erik von Wodtke, the pitch is only a loose adaptation of The Stooge. Doug A. Sirois has been developing concept artwork. While Disney could pass on the project, Wolf has seemingly chosen an opportune time to pitch a new Roger Rabbit feature. In March, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? will be released on Blu-ray in celebration of its 25th anniversary, while Wolf’s third Roger Rabbit novel, Who Wacked Roger Rabbit?, will arrive in November.