Time to add another up and coming 3D animation studio to the roster! Marza Animation Planet, a subsidiary of the SEGA SAMMY Group and headed by former American Sega COO Masanao Maeda, has put the new movie Robodog into the pre-production phase. The film, says Deadline Hollywood, is described as a family-friendly story of a dog odd couple, one real and the other a robot. They befriend each other and set forth on the tried and true journey of finding their places in the world. Marza plans to release one film every twelve months and is gearing up for future projects with a creative team. Helming Robodog is director Henry F. Anderson III of (Gnomeo and Juliet), writer Robert Reece, and producer Paul Wang (Astro Boy, TMNT). Marza’s leading team will be at the Cannes Film Festival to market the film and form new partnerships for the studio.