pirates1Disney is apparently looking to give its upcoming untitled Pirates of the Caribbean sequel a severe budget cut, The Wrap is reporting. The supposed reason for this disappointing news is that The Lone Ranger hasn’t been performing as the studio had hoped, causing Disney to “rethink” the budgets it spends on its future summer tentpoles. Perhaps even more notable is that producer Jerry Bruckheimer may lose his final cut privileges on the film. Many people, of course, will find it odd that Disney would use the box office returns of a movie based off of a TV show/radio program that’s more than half of a century old as a sign that the next film in a multi-billion dollar franchise might not do well. And while The Lone Ranger may not have been a blockbuster, Disney has found extreme success this year with Oz the Great and PowerfulMonsters University and especially Iron Man 3, so it seems hard to believe that the company is in any notable financial trouble. In any case, a budget cut of at least 20% is currently being discussed for Pirates 5, which is set to sail into theaters on July 10th, 2015.