While Russia and Germany are already getting their share of the new Tarzan 3D on the silver screen, English-speaking audiences must make do with a UK trailer. Tarzan 3D is made by Constantin Films and stars Kellan Lutz as the voice and performance capture actor for Tarzan. Screenrant tell us that the original story was heavily rewritten. Tarzan is still raised by apes, but the evil corporation Greystroke Energies sends a mercenary army into the jungle to recover a meteor. The meteor is potentially a new energy source, but the King of the Jungle and a bunch of aliens stand in the corporation’s way. ContactMusic has the full English trailer for viewing. Sadly, the film will not contain the iconic Tarzan yell. It follows in the footsteps of The Polar Express and Avatar by using motion capture. Tarzan 3D has a distinctive visual quality and style that may limit its appeal and release in US.