Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner has taken a step into boys action cartoons, says The Hollywood Reporter. Eisner’s Tornante Co. and Nelvana have teamed up to make the Mysticons, with Sean Jara signed to write it. Mysticons is a collaboration between The Topps Entertainment, a trading card company Tornate acquired in 2007, and Nelvana. The goal is to create a successful toy line centered around the cartoon. “Nelvana has a strong history of success in building and launching hit boys action properties and the partnership with Topps sets the stage for Mysticons to be the next big global boys action franchise,” Eisner said. The new series follows a group of four friends who become warriors bound to fight a trio of evil warlords — standard fare for a children’s show. Nelvana was responsible for the early 2000s Beyblade and Bakugan franchises.