Brave heroine Merida was officially inducted as a Disney princess this past Sunday and to complement the official coronation she was given a makeover to match her ten cohorts. The Huffington Post details the full account about how Merida now has a tinier waist, less freckles, wider set eyes, and control over her red curls. Sadly, her trademark bow and quiver accessories have disappeared, but sparkles (lots of them) have been added. This new portrayal is contrary to the image that Brave’s original┬ádirector and co-writer Brenda Chapman wanted to convey. Chapman based Merida off her own daughter and wanted fans to have a “You go girl!” attitude whenever they thought of her. While some may argue that Merida’s new image still exemplifies girl power, a large group disagree. A campaign on petitions Robert Iger to return Merida to her less-sparkly version. Brenda Chapman is among the supporters. The signers want Merida to remain strong, confidant, and brave and not send the message that “being pretty” is more important.