After canning the planned 3D theatrical re-release of The Little Mermaid originally set for later this year Disney announced the film would be making its way on to their Diamond Edition line of Blu-ray discs. Left unsaid was whether the work already done on the 3D version would be utilized on the home video release. “Sneak Peeks” in front of the Wreck-It Ralph disc give us the answer. The same Little Mermaid trailer posted to Animated Views earlier this month plays in front of the film with two differences: instead of saying “For the first time in high definition” the preview now says “For the first time in 3D”; also the end title now says “The Little Mermaid 3D” rather than the original “The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition”.

Also possibly of note, a trailer for Planes, which Disney announced would get a theatrical release, is listed in the “Coming to Blu-ray and DVD” section of the Wreck-it Ralph disc rather than the “Coming to theatres” section. Whether that is an error or a soon to be announced change is yet to be seen. UPDATE: All signs continue to point to a theatrical release for Planes. So its placement on this disc may have just been a holdover from before the switch that was never fixed.