Anne Frank has been the subject of film, plays, and television since her diary chronicling her years hiding from the Nazis was published in 1947. Animation Magazine reports that the young girl’s life will be made into an animated film. Ari Folman will direct the film and he is a respected Israeli filmmaker, having recently won the European Film Award for animation for The Congress. He is honored to have the opportunity to tell Anne’s story. Folman wants to use animation as a way to keep her memory alive and reach a new generation. Purple Whale Films, co-owned by Folman’s Israeli production company, and Entre Chienet Loup will produce the film. Even more exciting is that the team will use the Anne Frank Fonds Basel archives for research–the first time a director-writer was allowed to access them. This is not the first animated adaptation of the diary; Madhouse released an anime film in 1995 called Anne no Nikki. Production begins in winter 2014.