After many years of speculation and waiting, Muppet fans can finally get to know the man underneath Kermit the Frog. Brian Jay Jones has written Jim Henson: The Biography, the most authoritative source in existence on the man (other than his friends and family, of course). There have been biographies on Jim in the past, but all of them were either written for children or included in the text of a coffee table-type of book. Jones holds up a magnifying glass to Jim’s life to reveal facts very few of us know, collected from those closest to the famous puppeteer. Biographile has an interview with Jones, documenting details on the writing process and how he was approached to work on the project. This is apparently heavy stuff too, because the book totals 608 pages! Other than books on Sesame Street, this is the first research-quality Muppet-related book to be published in years.