Characters that Walt Disney himself worked on are still popular today and according to the Motley Fool 2015 will be the year of vintage Disney. The Fool brings to our attention the Descendants project, about the children of Disney heroes and villains in a high school. It is a single made-for-TV movie in live-action, but it could be the start of a bigger brand. That translates into more cash in Disney’s bank account, but it also could mean that other characters see a reboot or reanimation to the pleasure of fans. Philip Saglimbeni, the author, wrote:

“Success for the Descendants project could start a new wave of modern interpretations of classic Disney fairy tales. Considering the sheer volume of interesting characters in the Disney library, the opportunities for future movies or television shows are extensive. A movie that started with a relatively small announcement by Disney could end up being a huge deal for shareholders in the long-term.”