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Mason, Morgan, and Chelsea are taking on a new DreamWorks film with Rise of the Guardians! This episode hits the history of the film, all the highs and lows of the movie, characters and a million tangents!


• What are we watching? Mini The Great Gatsby Review and My Little Ponies: Friendship Is Magic discussion. What are your opinions? Send us a voicemail!

• The news! 8 Disney and Pixar animated films to be released from 2016 to 2018; WWE producing new animated Flinstones–Hilarity ensues.

• Interview with our site writer: Meet Blake Taylor. Check out his website: blakeonline.com

• Main Discussion: Rise of the Guardians.

• Pokemon tangents! Can’t get rid of ‘em.

• Box office: What happened?! Character analysis.

• Twitter question and responses.

• “Santa Claus… with swords.” E. Aster Bunnymund: the cursing bunny.

• Tooth Fairy fangirls out, slapstick comedy moment, Sandy (the Sandman)!

• Manny aka the man in the moon, Religious references or Paganistic?

• Pitch Black: some fan art is just not part of the cannon! ‘Night-Mares’ or ‘The Night Mayor?!’

• Simpsons references, Mason’s animation pet peeves & Aladdin flashbacks.

• “You dare have fun in MY presence?!” -Pitch, you’re a nerd.

• “Kids rule!” More Unicorns! Pitch in the final fight and talking back to the moon!

• The opera remix at the end is SOOO 2010’s!

• Final thoughts, our ratings and voicemails, ‘Big 4’ crossover fan fiction.

• Podcast now posting on Fridays! Website pump-up week! Mason get’s a twitter!

• Bloopers: Disney throwback, Chelsea doesn’t like direct to DVD sequels, Mason tries to pronounce Rise of the Guardians in many languages! The Great Gatsby again, Not in Nottingham!