Earlier we posted a list of the animated films that are eligible for the 2013 Oscars and now the Academy has released the list for animated short nominations. The animated short is a classic art form that allows storytellers and animators to tell poignant stories and experiment with technique more so than longer films. In many ways, they demonstrate how the medium is a refined art.
The shorts are:

Feral, Daniel Sousa, director, and Dan Golden, music and sound design (Daniel Sousa)

Get a Horse! Lauren MacMullan, director, and Dorothy McKim, producer (Walt Disney Feature Animation)

Gloria Victoria, Theodore Ushev, director (National Film Board of Canada)

Hollow Land, Uri Kranot and Michelle Kranot, directors (Dansk Tegnefilm, Les Films de l’Arlequin and the National Film Board of Canada)

The Missing Scarf, Eoin Duffy, director, and Jamie Hogan, producer (Belly Creative Inc.)

Mr. Hublot, Laurent Witz, director, and Alexandre Espigares, co-director (Zeilt Productions) Possessions, Shuhei Morita, director (Sunrise Inc.)

Requiem for Romance, Jonathan Ng, director (Kungfu Romance Productions Inc.)

Room on the Broom, Max Lang and Jan Lachauer, directors (Magic Light Pictures)

Subconscious Password, Chris Landreth, director (National Film Board of Canada with the participation of Seneca College Animation Arts Centre and Copperheart Entertainment).

And if you are like most people, you probably will not have the opportunity to access all of the shorts, even with the Internet. Some of the creators keep their shorts under lock and key because of copyright, but there is a solution: a DVD!