The truly, truly outrageous 1980s Hasbro series has endured for almost thirty years and it’s popularity continues to grow. Jem and the Holograms: The Truly Outrageous Complete Series box set was released today by Shout Factory with new featurettes, original toy commercials, and much more. Fans continue to flock to the show and keep it alive through fansites and the annual JemCon. Jem’s original voice actresses Samantha Newark, the speaking voice, and Britta Phillips, the singing voice, are still bombarded by loyal fans. Newark recently did an interview with io9 about how Jem would be in 2011. Jem has returned to airwaves on the the cable channel The Hub, which is a nostalgia refuge for many old animated favorites. A rumor has circulated for a few years about a Jem movie (Hasbro trying to cash in on their older properties), but legal issues are still a problem. Rumors are still rumors at this point. We can safely conclude, however, that Jem is far from losing her retro-rocker appeal.