FOX’s new animated TV show for adults Allen Gregory saw its much-marketed debut last night, but unfortunately for it, most of the critics weren’t celebrating. The Jonah Hill produced show–in which he voices a egomanical rich kid who must endure the daily horrors of public school for the first time in his life–was greeted with extremely negative reviews, with Screen Rant saying that it’s “a show with nothing to say, and nothing funny with which to say it. Despite considerable comedic talent in the production and voice department, there simply isn’t any fun to be had.” IGN states that, despite the presence of Hill, “the main character is incredibly unlikable, as are the supporting characters.” And in one of the harshest reviews, USA Today gives the series one star out of four, calling the pilot “gross, ugly, vicious and stupid.” It’s unknown at this point whether FOX will decide to keep the show or not, given its so-so ratings last night, which estimate it scoring under 5 million viewers.