Over at Animated Views, Jeremie Noyer has been keeping us up to date with all the theatrical and DVD releases by interviewing the key players behind a whole host of last week’s big titles:

Azur & Asmar: Michel Ocelot’s Quest For Tolerance – the director speaks about his latest feature and the first of his films to use CGI animation.

Bolt: One Super-Director + One Super-Voice Make One Super Rhino – with Bolt’s story supervisor Nathan Greno, and director Greno’s DVD short’s voice artist Mark Walton.

Lilo & Stitch: producer Clark Spencer on a Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – on how the film came together back in the glory days of Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida.

Lilo & Stitch: A Little More Conversation with directors Chris Sanders and Dean De Blois – about what made their film so special as to hit a chord with audiences on its original release.

Monsters vs Aliens: Conrad Vernon vs Animated Views – one of the film’s directors (with Rob Letterman) speaks exclusively about MvA‘s genesis and influences from sci-fi’s past.

Also new to the site is a chance to win the recent Pinocchio: Platinum Edition on Blu-ray Disc, plus a full review of the disc itself.