The TAG Blog reports on a recent visit to the Culver City studio. Things look rosier for their January 2010 feature film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, with one artist commenting: “The directors pull it one direction and the execs push it another. Now that we have a new set of people at the top, hopefully that will change …” A half-dozen staffers looking at color setups for the 2009 direct-to-video Open Season 2 which the crew seemed to have a blast working on: “We’ve moved this whole thing through production in 14 months,” said another artist. “What we need are more Open Seasons! Give us more Open Seasons!” TAG Blog reveals that while the sequel, which was animated in New Mexico and India, will be coming to video stores in America, it will be released in theaters overseas next year. On a less positive note, it looks now like there’s a strong possibility that Sony Adelaide’s Sit Down, Shut Up won’t be moving forward. “The writers aren’t budging from their position (We need to be WGA …) and Sony doesn’t appear to be changing its recent attitude (We’re not going to get sued over this; we’re tied to an 839 IATSE contract). The IA made it clear last week that they expect Sony to honor the agreement in place … or else.”