In news that will surprise noone, Jack Black told AAP while promoting Kung Fu Panda in Sydney earlier today that he was confident there would be a follow up: “My eight ball says signs point to yes.” Jack says he’d jump at the chance to be involved if “all the stars are aligned to make it. It’s easy for me, I just come in and do the acting voice, it’s those animators and directors that have to really make the sacrifice.” In much more surprising news however, Jeffrey Katzenberg stated that there could be up to FIVE more Kung Fu Panda movies if he gets his way. “There is a larger story here of which this is the first chapter. In the same way Shrek had five chapters from the beginning, this has six. Whether we get to tell those chapters or not isn’t something we determine, the movie-goers determine. It needs to be a big hit. It needs to be a blockbuster.” Which Kung Fu Panda is clearly on its way to become… Deservedly so since this timeless action comedy with heart marks a fresh departure for DreamWorks–so why spoil it, especially so early in its theatrical run, with the announcement of endless sequels? You may remember that Jeffrey Katzenberg stated four years ago that Shrek had been conceived from the beginning as a four-chapter story, later bumping up that number to five.