Sun Microsystems today announced the online release of the 3D animation film Big Buck Bunny rendered using’s Sun Grid compute utility service. The movie is created using open source 3D software suite Blender, available from as well as Application Catalog, a collection of online grid-enabled applications that can be used in an on-demand basis with “Click and Run” ease. David Folk, Group Manager of Marketing, Sun Microsystems, Inc., comments that “the Big Buck Bunny movie project demonstrates that the barriers to entry in the 3D animation world can be lowered tremendously using on-demand computing platforms. Even though the Blender team did not have support of a big studio, they succeeded with the community support, an open source rendering software and an on-demand computing platform. With a growing collection of applications, a host of new developer tools and worldwide availability, is attracting more developers and end-users to use, build and share new services for a wide range of industries.”