In Disney theatrical and home release animated movie news Animation World Network reports that Glago’s Guest (see our prior coverage) will now not be screening in front of Bolt, reminiscent of when How to Hook Up Your Home Theater ended up not screening with Enchanted as expected but ended up paired a few months later with National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. AWN does offer the good news though that Bolt will be shown in 3D at 140 Regal Cinemas locations beginning November 21 as well as at Disney’s own El Capitan Theatre (and Jim Hill Media looks at the new Bolt tie-in book, Disney Dogs). On the home release side, the CGI direct-to-video Tinker Bell was released to DVD and Blu-Ray yesterday coinciding with the official opening of Pixie Hollow at the Disneyland Park (flickr photo album here). The first six minutes of Tinker Bell can be viewed here.