Coming for the first time to DVD are three episodes of the Beetlejuice animated television series, which ran from 1989 to 1991, as extra features on the 20th Anniversary Beetlejuice DVD and Blu-Ray disc due out September 16, 2008 (via ToonZone). According to the Beetlejuice animated series fansite, The Neitherworld, “In the cartoon, Beetlejuice rents a run-down building, (‘BJ’s Roadhouse’), which he shares with Jacques (a skeleton obsessed with his weight) and Ginger (a tap-dancing spider). His neighbor is a great big furry beast known only as The Monster Across The Street (who owns a strange-looking dog named Poopsie). Beetlejuice is basically hated by the entire community for various reasons—mostly because he’s a scam . . . artist.”