Picnic Pictures’ The Chestnut Tree (see our prior writeup), directed by Hyun-min Lee, produced by Bert and Jennifer Klein, and executive produced by Don Hahn, recently won “Best Animated Short” at the LaFemme International Film Festival held in Beverly Hills. A photo of the award winners shortly after accepting the award and more information on the film follows:

L to R: Bert Klein, Hyun-min Lee, Don Hahn

From Picnic Pictures:

The Chestnut Tree is entirely hand-drawn and preserves a rough line style with a watercolor wash for color. The film’s story is a tribute to Hyun-Min’s mother. The film is animated in sync to a classical piece by Chopin. For festival and screening info, go to www.picnic-pictures.com.

Hyun-Min is director, Bert and Jennifer Klein are producers, and Don Hahn is executive producer. Picnic Pictures is operated by Bert and Jennifer Klein. Bert and Jennifer Klein are currently directing a new project with Don Hahn executive producing.