pusstn.jpgBreak out some egg nog and light up the Yuletide log as Shrek the Halls premieres tonight on the ABC network. Taking place chronologically after Shrek the Third and before Shrek Goes Fourth, Shrek the Halls tells the tale of one year’s Christmas in a swamp not too far away from the land of Far Far Away with Donkey excited about Christmas, even 159 days in advance, and Shrek wondering what to make of it all. The DreamWorks animators pulled out all the stops to craft a theatrical quality TV special for the holiday season.

Shrek and Fiona (and their three ogrelings) and Donkey are at the center of the action rounded out by a supporting cast of Puss in Boots (who has a couple of very catlike moments), Dragon (and the three donkey/dragon offspring), Pinocchio (who is good at Christmas and doesn’t tell a lie), Gingy (suffering a little post-traumatic stress disorder from Christmas past), the three blind mice, and the three little pigs (sorry, no human characters). All voices are provided by the original voice actors from the films. Newsday.com has a one-minute video clip and a photo gallery, while Yahoo! News has an interview with Cameron Diaz about her voice work in the special.

Official Page at ABC.com

Two screen shots follow: