Just when everyone was assuming that Universal had no interest in putting their extensive cartoon library on disc, news comes out that they are planning a multi-disc set for Woody Woodpecker and company. The news hit the Internet mainstream this week when a tentative Universal Studios DVD release schedule showed up on The Digital Bits. They revealed the timing of the set to be July 2007 in their Rumor Mill. The set will reportedly offer up not only Woody, but also a few Oswald cartoons and some Swing Symphonies, plus other surprises— totalling about 75 cartoons!

Meanwhile, Newsarama has the press release regarding the direct-to-video feature Superman: Doomsday, which carries the Death Of Superman storyline from the comics. Although it will not be released until September 18, the press release does include some details about the surprisingly extensive special features that it will carry, not to mention early word that such characters as Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are also in development for the DTV treatment.