In anticipation of Robert Zemeckis’ motion-captured Beowulf, arriving in theaters November 16, Candlewick Press will release Gareth Hinds’ graphic novel adaptation of the classic tale this April.

Press release:

By Gareth Hinds

The epic story of Beowulf has riveted readers for around 1000 years.

Gareth Hinds' BEOWULFOver the centuries, the story has sparked books and literary criticism, television features, games, even a rock opera. This coming fall, a major motion picture version of Beowulf starring Angelina Jolie will hit theaters. And now, Candlewick is thrilled to present an arresting graphic novel edition of this ancient classic.

In this stunning new format for today’s young adults, Beowulf’s relevance to kids’ lives today – and its similarities to their computer games, fantasy movies, super-hero comics – become immediately clear.

This edition of Beowulf was originally self-published by creator Gareth Hinds in 2000. His three-volume graphic novel found its way to teachers and created fanatical devotees among those trying to make a 1000-year-old Old English poem attractive to students. Now Candlewick is delighted to help bring Gareth’s Beowulf (slightly revamped) to a larger audience. In order to do so, Candlewick will release Beowulf in hardcover and paperback editions simultaneously.

April 2007 ~ ISBN 0-7636-3022-5 ~ $21.99 hardcover ~ Ages 10+