Following is the press release for the March 6 release of Disney’s classic Peter Pan as a 2-disc Platinum Edition DVD. The DVD boasts a brand-new digital restoration and is loaded with bonus features aimed to please general audiences as well as serious animation aficionados:
BURBANK, Calif., September 29, 2006 – Walt Disney’s original classic Peter Pan, filled with fantasy and the original Pixie Dust, defines the meaning of magic and teaches us to believe, making it the essence and fabric of the Disney brand. Peter Pan soars to new heights for the first time ever in a 2- disc Platinum Edition DVD. This classic film has undergone an extensive digital restoration and features a new 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix. Join the Darling children – Wendy, John and Michael as they fly with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell past the second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning to the enchanted world of Never Land.
Their exciting adventures introduce them to unforgettable characters including The Lost Boys, Captain Hook (the Original Jack Sparrow) and his ship filled with swashbuckling pirates, and “Tic Toc” Croc.

Walt Disney’s Peter Pan Platinum Edition 2-disc DVD is filled with high-flying bonus features for all ages including “Camp Never Land” – explore the world of Never Land with three all-new multi-level games, a never-before-seen alternate opening beginning in Never Land instead of the Darling’s home, a deleted song, “In Walt’s Words” – A new discovery! Walt Disney reveals in his own words “Why I made Peter Pan”, “You Can Fly: The Making of Peter Pan” an exciting journey to discover how the film was made, a sneak peek at the all-new Tinker Bell movie, and much more.

Bursting with fantasy, adventure, and pixie dust, Walt Disney’s original classic is a true treasure for everyone. Peter Pan is a timeless classic from Disney’s Golden Age of animation. The film is one of three to boast all nine of Walt’s famous “Nine Old Men” as Directing Animators, and is a revered audience favorite. Peter Pan Platinum Edition 2-disc DVD will be available for a limited time only, on Disney DVD for U.S. $29.99 (SRP) and Canada $36.99 (SRP) from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

PETER PAN PLATINUM EDITION has undergone an extensive audio and picture digital restoration. The 2-disc DVD features an all-new 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix, which provides stateof- the art dramatic clarity of sound. The new digital restoration required a team of film, computer and animation experts to apply cutting-edge technology.

All-New Digital Restoration With Enhanced Picture and Sound
• Camp Never Land Games – Explore Never Land With All-New Multi-Level Games
• Alternate Opening “The Peter Pan That Almost Was” – Experience the story beginning in Neverland
• Deleted Song
• In Walt’s Words – Why I Made Peter Pan – Details Walt Disney’s thoughts and experiences from the first time he saw Peter Pan and how he instantly connected with this magical story
• Sneak Peek At The Upcoming Tinker Bell Movie
• You Can Fly: The Making of Peter Pan
• Peter’s Playful Prank DVD Story Book
• Magical Environment – Take Flight With Peter Pan Above the London Skyline in your own home
• And Much More

Let your dreams take flight with Walt Disney’s Original Classic Peter Pan. Fantastic adventures await the Darling children, Wendy, John and Michael, when Peter Pan, the hero of their stories, whisks them away to the magical world of Never Land. After flying with Peter and his feisty sidekick Tinker Bell past the “second star to the right and straight on till morning,” they explore the enchanted island and Peter’s secret hideout with the Lost Boys and leap into high-flying battles with swashbuckling pirates and the infamous Captain Hook!

Direct prebook: December 26, 2006
Distributor prebook: January 9, 2007
Suggested retail price: U.S. $29.99 (2-disc DVD). Canada $36.99 (2-disc DVD).
Feature run time: Approximately 77 minutes
Rated: “G.” Bonus materials not rated or subtitled, and subject to change.
Technical specifications may only apply to feature.
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 enhanced for 4×3 screens – the aspect ratio in which the film was originally created.
Sound: All-New 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix
Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Languages: French, Spanish 5.1 audio tracks
Fastplay: Fastplay enabled