No, it’s not a cross between The Lion King and Iron Giant. It’s not even actually animated. Nevertheless, many of our readers may be curous about this particular November 6 DVD release from BCI, courtesy of their Ronin label. Iron King is one of those gloriously loopy Japanese television shows (this one hails from 1972-73) that combines robots, martial arts, and creatures in ways uniquely Japanese. Just reading the press release makes me grin. Read it for yourself by clicking this link:

ironking.jpgAll hail the King!

Years before The Transformers, and in the same inimitable spirit as Ultraman, comes Iron King. Filled with furious, fast-paced action and campy humor, Iron King quickly became a favorite in its native Japan when originally broadcast from 1972-’73. On Tuesday, November 6th, BCI Eclipse, under the Ronin Entertainment label, will release the 4-DVD boxed set Iron King: The Complete Series with an SRP of $39.98. Also included in the set is a 20 page booklet with a history of the show, interviews with the cast and an episode guide.

For 26 delirious episodes, audiences of all ages grooved to this free-wheeling combination of giant monsters, martial arts and colorful characters. Now, Iron King is poised to take America by storm – and just in time for the holidays.

Shizuka Gentaro is a free-spirited youth who also happens to be a member of Japan’s Special Security Defense Force. His travels take him throughout Japan, searching for those who pose a threat to the security of the nation. Along the way, Gentaro is joined by Kirishima Goro, who appears to be a lovable, uncoordinated bumbler but is also a secret member of the JSSDF.

Goro, whose secret mission is to assist in Gentaro’s efforts, has another incredible secret: He has a computer mechanism implanted in his body that, when activated, turns him into the super-powered cyborg giant, Iron King. When Iron King is around, the bigger the bad guys are _ the harder they fall.

Gentaro, clad in his favored cowboy outfit (replete with chaps) and armed with his miraculous “Iron Belt,” is teamed with Goro/Iron King – and together they battle the minions of the Unknown Clan, who believe that the time has come for them to fulfill their destiny and take over the world. Boy, have they got it coming to them!

Created by Sasaki Mamoru, the cast of Iron King includes Shoji Ishibashi as Gentaro, Mitsuo Hamada as Goro and Hajime Izu as Prof. Tsushima, Gentaro’s foster father and Goro’s teacher.

There’s even a memorable theme song!

Street Date: November 6, 2007
Run time: 572 Minutes (approx.)
Rating: Not Rated
Language: Japanese with English subtitles
SRP: $39.98