Coming Soon has an exclusive first look at the poster for Meet the Robinsons, from Walt Disney Feature Animation. In addition, the site unveils a couple of character images, along with a synopsis that contains more details regarding the movie’s story. Meet the Robinsons will open in theaters on March 30th. Thanks to “KingPopper” at the Animated News Forum for the notice of this news.

[Update!] More Meet the Robinsons character pics have been found across the web, lending extra insight into the movie’s personalities. MovieWeb has images of Bowler Hat Guy, Grandpa Bud and Uncle Art, while Cinema Confidential showcases Doris, Dr. Krunklehornis and Lefty. Tiny the T-Rex, Uncle Fritz and Aunt Petunia, and Lizzy may be found at Lastly, Latino Review displays Frog Goons, Frannie and Gaston Cannon.