The following is a recent press release from Toonacious™ Family Entertainment about their recent linking up with C&I Partners to fund animated feature film projects, both CG and 2D:

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February 24, 2006



Feature animation studio led by award-winning Walt Disney animator/director and
veteran entertainment industry team is ready for production!

Burbank, Calif. – Toonacious™ Family Entertainment has engaged the services of C&I Partners in order to fund CG and 2D animated feature films with budgets targeted from $30 to $60 million. Toonacious currently has a slate of five animated features in development and will oversee all aspects of production from their Burbank studio. The three founding partners, Tony Bancroft, Ben Chambers, and Bo Ferger, all share a very specific vision which inspired them to make lifechanging decisions five years ago to leave successful careers and join forces to form Toonacious™ Family Entertainment. Through the culmination of over 40 combined years of entertainment, business and technical experience, Toonacious was born.

Co-founder and Director Tony Bancroft (Mulan, Stuart Little 2) said, “This has been a dream of mine since I worked at Disney, and now Toonacious is at a place where we’re ready to make it happen!”

“We really want to do something unique and different in entertainment and in business. That’s what drives us, our desire to bring something refreshing and new to the industry,” co-founder and Creative Executive, Ben Chambers, stated.

Upon opening their doors in Burbank, California in February of 2001, Bancroft and partners created a Top 20 best-selling direct-to-video series in the faith-based children’s entertainment market called Lenny & Sid. Toonacious has also provided animation services for such blue chip clients as Disney, Mattel, Sony and Hasbro, which has afforded them the opportunity to continue development on their unique blend of mainstream and faith-base themed productions. A hallmark of Toonacious’ productions is to put out-of-the-ordinary characters into interesting yet relevant situations that evoke the full range of emotions and above all else are entertaining.

Toonacious President, Bo Ferger, said, “Having a director of Tony’s caliber is what sets Toonacious™ Family Entertainment apart from other independent studios that generally have to search out and hire that key component. It is absolutely critical to each project to have strong creative direction in addition to a great story and characters. We believe that we have all three.”

“In addition to their distinctively creative projects Tony, Ben and Bo approach business with the same sense of creative energy and excitement! We are really eager to assist Toonacious in achieving their goal of being an impact player in the feature animation industry,” Genesis Capunitan of C&I Partners added.

Toonacious™ Family Entertainment is an animation-based, entertainment company co-founded by Disney veteran Tony Bancroft and entertainment and technology veterans Ben Chambers and Bo Ferger. The Company is dedicated to providing original, high-quality productions that entertain, educate, and elevate the hearts and minds of children and their families. Bancroft is an ANNIE award-winning director for his work on Walt Disney’s 36th animated feature, Mulan. He was also honored for Best Character Animation in an Animated Film by the VES (Visual Effects Society) for his animation supervision on Sony’s Stuart Little 2.

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