Disney’s Leroy and Stitch will premiere tonight on the Disney Channel at 8pm only four days before its DVD release. “The adventure never stops as Lilo and Stitch face the challenge of their lives in Disney’s hilarious, all-new movie Leroy and Stitch. As a reward for rounding up all 625 experiments, Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley have been placed around the galaxy in a spot where each of them thinks they truly belong. Their lives are all shook up when the dastardly Dr. Hamsterviel breaks out of prison and forces Jumba to create a new experiment — Leroy, the evil twin of Stitch.” Five screen shots from the film can be viewed here:

lrs1 (16k image)

lrs2 (19k image)

lrs3 (19k image)

lrs4 (19k image)

lrs5 (19k image)