Sealed_with_a_Kiss (22k image)Animation Magazine notices the inspirational tale behind Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss. The independently produced film was a labor love for Phil Nibbelink, who completely animated the feature himself. As the article explains, Nibbelink carefully crafted his work, using Flash animation to assist his hand-drawn style. After five years in the making, Sealed with a Kiss entered theaters yesterday.

“In Romeo & Juliet: Sealed With a Kiss, Shakespeare’s classic of star-crossed lovers from warring families is retold with seals. When Juliet’s father gives her hand in marriage to the monstrous elephant seal Prince, Juliet must fake her death in order to be reunited with Romeo. The plan goes afoul, however, and our heroes embark on a desperate race against time with some help from friends Friar Lawrence and a kissing fish named Kissy.” Please visit the official website of Sealed with a Kiss to view the film’s trailer, as well as stills and a theater schedule.