Reuters, via Yahoo! News, reports that stop-motion legend Ray Harryhausen is “helping to develop” brand-new films, television movies, video games, and merchandise, all within the banner of “Ray Harryhausen Presents.” Produced by Mindfire Entertainment, numerous ideas are currently being worked on, including one with the theme of Greek mythology and another one revolving around an alien invasion. Summarizing the words of Mindfire CEO Mark Altman, the article explains, “The plan is to release one movie in the $15 million range and three TV projects in the $4 million range every year.” Harryhausen will oversee the projects’ special effects, which will incorporate CGI with the “spirit” of stop-motion. “These stories are universal, and I could not be more thrilled than to revisit some of my favorite worlds – past, present and future – in these new films,” commented Harryhausen.