With the film’s premiere at Lowe’s Motor Speedway tomorrow, numerous headlines are ringing with reports on Cars, Disney/Pixar’s latest venture. For instance, The Charlotte Observer offers two compositions with self-explanatory titles, “Pixar took time to detail Cars” and “Cars gala forecast to rev economy.” Speaking of the Cars premiere, it should be noted that WSOCTV.com reports of a popular shortcut near the race track being closed for the event. Interestingly, Cars is not the only Cars feature on the way, with The Lincoln Courier, through Route 66 News, focusing on It Productions’ upcoming documentary about the film and Route 66, titled T4: On the Road with Cars.

In the meantime, those people wondering what the cars in Cars would be worth in real life will find their answers with the vehicle appraisal guide Kelley Blue Book. In related news, USA Today writes of the marketing muscle Disney is putting behind Cars. Furthermore, Amazon.com now presents samples from the movie‚Äôs soundtrack, along with a very positive review of the disc. Lastly, “macontosh2000” at the Animated-News Forum directs readers to Moviefone, where five Cars clips await.