The following is a press release from Forty Three Kix on their new service which allows cell phone users to receive movie time info after sending a simple text message:

FORTY THREE KIX Kicking up a Storm on All Major Wireless Carriers
Cingular Latest to Add Movie-Showtimes Service for Text Messagers

FORTY THREE KIX, a showtimes information service for the mobile moviegoer,
is now available free to cell phone users nationwide. The service is now
live on Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, AT&T and Alltel.
Regional carriers will be joining soon.

Keying into the rapidly growing text-messaging trend, the recently launched
service allows mobile phone subscribers to text in film keywords and
instantly obtain three theaters showing the movie, beginning with the
nearest theater. An additional request yields three more theaters. Users
also can text message the word “list” to learn the top films playing in

FORTY THREE KIX charges consumers nothing for its service, though standard
wireless carrier charges may apply. Interested moviegoers simply
text-message film keywords to 43KIX (43549), using keywords appearing in
movie advertisements everywhere. Users can also use any part of the title,
even if users spell it wrong. The proprietary application processes the
query using a unique matching system delivering the film and showtimes the
user requested.

Mobile Blogging??

A revolutionary “text to blog” feature of 43KIX allows moviegoers to
instantly publish their rants and raves about films on
via text messages. The feature allows the views of typical moviegoers to be
heard immediately after viewing films — or even during a viewing. Texters
are encouraged to share their thoughts with everyone.

Opportunity For Free Movie Passes

Movie fans can also sign up with FORTY THREE KIX for the chance to receive
free advance screening passes to many films in their city. Though not
necessary to obtain movie showtimes, users of the service can simply text
the word “subscribe,” then space, followed by home zip code to 43KIX (43549)
and automatically become eligible to receive text messages with details on
opportunities for advance screening passes. Subscribers also will receive
reminders of movie openings and can unsubscribe by texting “stop.”

Among other unique features of 43KIX:
€ Showtime information can be forwarded to friends.
€ 43KIX caters to the film studios, so all information is unbiased
and based strictly on location and convenience.
€ Text messaging is faster and easier than a phone call, mobile
browsing or even going on the Internet.

Less than 10% of movie tickets are bought online. Moviegoers just want to
know where and when their film is playing. With 200 million U.S. cell phone
subscribers, more than half of mobile users age 15-27 — the most active
movie going audience — considers themselves avid texters.

Complete showtimes are also available on the Web site.

FORTY THREE KIX is a venture of Terry Hines & Associates, a full-service
entertainment advertising, promotion, publicity and design firm, that has
been delivering movie showtime information for 30 years via newspapers
nationwide. This not only gives FORTY THREE KIX a strong foundation in this
space, but allows a clear advantage when it comes to working with media,
pub/promo and distribution departments at studios. “Studios brilliantly
market their films, but consumers ultimately need to find out where and when
it’s playing. I am happy to introduce a new way for studios to reach their
audience,” said Grant Nemirow, owner of parent company Terry Hines &
Associates. FORTY THREE KIX President Chris Geromini said, “People today are
much more tech savvy. They want information instantly and yet want to be
content creators. We are proud to be launching a service that fulfills both
these needs.”