Warner Brothers’ The Any Bully struggled to make a dent at the box office in its opening weekend, ending up in a disappointing 5th place finish with $8.1 million, according to Box Office Mojo. Even Monster House in its second week of release was able to beat the Bully with a 4th place $11.5 million. Both films may have been hurt by the rare scheduling of two animated movies opening in back to back weeks. And things don’t get any easier for the studios when another animated film, Barnyard, bows this weekend making what may be an unprecedented third week in a row with an animated film opening.

Animated Film Box Office – weekend ending July 30, 2006
4 – Monster House, $11,500,000 ($43,872,000 total, 2nd week)
5 – The Ant Bully, $8,145,000 ($8,145,000 total, 1st week)
14 – Cars, $2,467,000 ($234,649,000 total, 8th week)
17 – A Scanner Darkly, $454,000 ($4,073,000 total, 4th week)