disshofil (8k image)With Pixar’s Steve Jobs and Disney’s Bob Iger making huge news today, it’s probably just coincidence that Disney chose today to made good on its previous announcement concerning Job’s other company. Ten classic Disney Academy Award winning or nominated shorts can be downloaded from Apple’s iTunes Music Store starting today for $1.99. Now online: Building a Building (1933), The Three Little Pigs (1933), The Old Mill (1937), Brave Little Tailor (1938), Ferdinand the Bull (1938), Good Scouts (1938), The Tortoise and the Hare (1935), The Ugly Duckling (1939), The Pointer (1939), and How To Play Football (1944). If you have already installed iTunes, you can click here to go directly to the films. If not, the software is available free from Apple for both Windows and Mac.